Burglary Victims Arrested for Home Burglary

Three Gunnerson Drive residents reported that their vehicle had been burglarized, only to then, hours later, be arrested for a home burglary.

Twenty-one year old Caleb Yealock reported to Murfreesboro Police Officer Cole Glass between late Saturday night and Sunday morning, someone broke his truck window and took several items from inside. He told the officer the items belonged to him, 25-year old Autumn Slade and 18-year old Daron Sharp.

It was just a couple of hours later when Officer Cody Nolin was called to a nearby home on Gunnerson Drive where a victim reported his back door kicked in and his television gone, among other things. Witnesses reported seeing suspects walking behind their apartment with a television. That's when they identified the suspects as Yealock and Slade, who reportedly loaded up the stolen TV in a truck, wtih another suspect inside.

A traffic stop of the vehicle fitting the description given by witnesses was later stopped by Officer Nicholas Sapp. Inside the vehicle were several of the items reported stolen, including the televison.

All three were arrested for aggravated burglary, theft and vandalism. An April 7th court date awaits the trio in General Sessions Court.

SOURCE: MPD Reports 16-3985