Commissioner Reeds Calls For Sheriff To Resign

District 8 Rutherford County Commissioner Pettus Reed is asking Sheriff Robert Arnold to resign. Reed is holding a public meeting Wednesday (6/1/2016) morning on the steps of the east side of the Rutherford County Courthouse on the Murfreesboro square.

Here is the statement Reed released to the community:

This past Friday, the citizens of Rutherford County were dealt a multitude of emotions covering the realms of concern, mistrust, uncertainty, lost of security, and down right embarrassment by the indictment of our County Sheriff, Robert Arnold on 13 federal charges. His indictment of misusing his authority and operating a scheme to pocket funds is not what those who elected him to that office expect of their elected officials.

I do understand that in our judicial system one is considered innocent until proven guilty and Sheriff Arnold will have his day in court. But due to these pending charges and the loss of credibility by our highest law official within county government, it is my opinion that Robert Arnold resign from his duties as Rutherford County Sheriff for the betterment of his staff, the citizens of our county, and the respect of the office he holds.

The enduring and continuing time that will be required for this court case will serve as a major distraction for our Sheriff's Department, whose purpose and focus is to protect and serve the citizens of our county. I urge Mr. Arnold to consider thinking of the department's well being by resigning to take care of the charges and allow the office to look after the people of Rutherford County with different leadership.

Steps of Courthouse 10AM Wednesday

Again, District 8 Rutherford County Commissioner is asking Sheriff Robert Arnold to resign and he wants your ideas and invites the public to join him at 10:00 o'clock on the steps of the east side of the courthouse.