Heroin and Lottery Ticket’s lead to two arrests in Murfreesboro

A man and a woman have been arrested after police responded to a gas station on Old Fort Parkway this past week. Evidently, the clerk at the gas station called the police because it appeared as if the subjects were trying to steal lottery tickets.

After the clerk called the police, the duo left the scene in a green SUV. As the call went to officers from dispatch, Officer Renfroe of the MPD heard the information and told dispatch that he was familiar with a green SUV occupied by a male and female allegedly stealing lottery tickets from gas stations.

Minutes later, Officer Renfroe located the SUV at another gas station. When the officer spoke to the man and woman, they gave him consent to search the vehicle. During the search three hypodermic needles were found, one with a cloudy substance in it that tested positive for heroin.

24 Year old Trinity Jordan of Eagleville and 21 year old Destiny Cottrell of Murfreesboro were both detained and transported to the police department where the two were questioned. The two admitted to stealing lottery tickets and cash from several gas stations over the past several weeks.

Police say that 39 lottery tickets were confirmed to be stolen along with $200 in cash. The duo admitted to hitting at least five gas stations in an attempt to gain lottery tickets or cash. In fact, the case is still open.

At this point, Jordan and Cottrell have been charged with two counts of conspiracy to commit theft, theft over $500, three counts of theft under $500 and possession of a schedule one drug along with possession of drug paraphernalia.


MPD Arrest 16-19350 A,B

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