Man calls Murfreesboro woman claiming to be a Federal Agent

Another Phone Scam has hit Murfreesboro.

This time around, a man claiming to be a federal agent with the US Department of Justice Narcotics Division called a Murfreesboro woman telling her that her name came up in a recent investigation. The man told the victim that she was accused of buying weight loss pills online about six years ago. The man told the woman to "Get a lawyer and get ready."

The woman told the subject on the phone that she was going to the police department because she was worried. The man then told her that she would be picked up at the police department, he then hung up.

When the 52-year old Murfreesboro woman showed up at the police department, she was not arrested. Instead, she filed a police report for fraud.

The subject who called the woman has not been tracked down, but he was not with the Department of Justice.


MPD Incident 16-24622

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