Racing Go-Cart stolen in Murfreesboro – Recovered on Wednesday evening

A local family searched and eventually found a racing go cart that was stolen in the area of Shores Road on Tuesday. Evidently, the child that was excited to drive the race cart had waited two years to do so. The family thought the child's dream of driving it in a real race had been shattered after it got stolen, but that all changed Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday night the go-cart was located after several Facebook posts about the missing cart.

What stiod out the most about the small racing go-cart was the "JDRF" on the front hood. JDRF stands for the "Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation." You see, the child who was aims to drive the cart has type one diabetes. The foundation is dedicated to funding research for type one diabetes, which there is currently no cure for.

Again, the go-cart was located. No news yet of an arrest in the case.

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